Some Awesome Rebuild Timelapse Videos

YouTube Spitfire Engine Rebuild

Pictures are important when you’re rebuilding something – either a component or an entire car. Want to know how that bit goes back on? Check the pictures you took. So far I’ve taken over 1,400 pictures of my TR7 rebuild and they’re all invaluable.

The problem I always have is that I get started on a thing then completely forget to take photos, so the ‘during’ bit is always a bit light.

The people responsible for the videos below have no such problems though, taking enough pictures as they go to build a stop-motion timelapse video of the process!

Triumph Vitesse Rebuild

This fantastic video shows a complete rebuild of a Vitesse. There’s 16 weekends of work there, but doesn’t it look so easy? A great end result, too.

MGB Head Rebuild

A more specific one here, and more admirable as whoever made it would have had to stop working, pose the tools and parts, take the photos and then carry on – for a few seconds?

Triumph Spitfire Engine Rebuild

I saved the best for last. You may have seen this one before (it’s got over 3 million views on YouTube), but I couldn’t not include this one.

A complete stripdown, rebuild and installation of a Spitfire engine. It looks like a good quality rebuild too, although I reckon the guy must have spent as much time posing and taking pictures as he did working on the engine!

Now, suitably inspired, I need to think about my ongoing project – now where’s my camera?

Bonus Video

Ever wished your car could do this? :-)

(Taken from Steven King’s Christine).

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