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In spite of modern legislations, a throwaway society and a love of modern creature comforts and gadgetry, the classic car movement is stronger than it’s ever been. Classic car shows take place all over the country and regularly attract thousands of visitors.

Why is this? What makes ‘old’ cars so appealing? Is it nostalgia? A desire to stand out from the crowd? A preference for running a car you can fix yourself, without several thousand pounds of diagnostic equipment? I’d say it’s all of these reasons, and more besides (Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your stories!).

The classic car hobby (obsession?) – an introduction

Ferraris at Silverstone Classic

Ferraris at Silverstone Classic

‘Classic car’ can mean many things to many people, from the gentleman with a rare and valuable Bugatti to the teenager with a battered but much loved Triumph Herald. Some people keep their cars garaged all year and only venture out to shows (often on a trailer), while others subscribe to the credo ‘Cars are meant to be driven’ and use their cars all year round – some even use their classic as their main car. Others still have cars that are better thought of as ‘projects’ and spend hours and hours in the garage, lovingly restoring their car ready for the day it finally takes to the road again (I count myself in this last category – 4.5 years off the road at the time of writing!). The point is, in the classic car hobby, there’s something for everyone – rich or poor, old or young, man or woman, everyone can find their ideal car and treat it how they wish.

The classic car community

TR7 meet

TR Drivers Club Meeting – a haven for the TR7 enthusiast!

One of the greatest things about the classic car hobby is the community it fosters – pick pretty much any marque or model and you’ll find some sort of community built up around it – maybe just a website/forum, or maybe a national or even international professionally run owners club. If you want to, you can find yourself attending shows and events with like-minded enthusiasts – sometimes even showing your car, going to monthly club meetings (usually relaxed, informal affairs, often in a pub!), or if you prefer more active events, there are a whole range of road rallies and sporting events throughout the year. Again, something for everyone!

So where does this site fit in?

It’s early days for this site – in fact, this is the first item I’m writing for it, and at the time of writing the site is less than twenty four hours old. As such, I have a whole bunch of ideas in my head for what I want for this site. Some may come to fruition, some may not. Other ideas may come up that haven’t occurred to me yet. So what this site ends up as might well be completely different to what I’m envisaging right now.

That said, here are some of the ideas I have right now:

A community of communities

  • A central site with listings of car clubs in the UK and abroad, links to websites etc
  • A regular blog, featuring articles and issues relating to the classic car hobby as a whole
  • Possibly a forum!

Hints, tips and how-tos

  • Articles on buying, selling, maintaining and modifying classic cars
  • Guides on driving, car care, repair procedures etc

A classic car database

  • A listing of classic cars by marque, with technical specifications, historical info etc for each car (a massive project, I’m sure you’ll agree, and not something that’s going to happen overnight!)
  • An image gallery of cars and related images

Shows & events

  • An events calendar for each year, with listings for popular events and shows throughout the year, complete with links to relevant websites
  • Reviews and write-ups of events

Obviously that’s a lot of work up there! I’ll be running this site myself to start with, but I eventually hope to open it up to user submitted content and make this a true community website.

If you have any feedback on this or anything else on this site, feel free to email me on [email protected], I’d be more than happy to hear from you all!


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